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Photo:   An Inter-Dimensional House Concert at "The Caves" in southern Utah

We are Christopher and Tricia, and along with our amazing musical Friends, we facilitate healing and empowering ceremonies in which participants work with sacred plant allies to reach higher states of consciousness.   We work closely with Utah's TDA (The Divine Assembly), and we believe each of us can connect with The Divine personally, powerfully, and meaningfully.  

We are sincere in our belief that "We Are Divine."    Each and every one of us is a Divine child of the Universe.   Each of us carries a Divine spark within.   We help you reconnect in a safe setting.

We are multi-instrumentalists and vocalists.  Whether its Didgeridoo, Guitar, Harp, Drum, other-worldly harmony, voice, or song, we aim to uplift, heal, and empower our participants.

Please consider joining us for a life-changing and priceless experience.  

Our email is provided below.

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